Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Floral Design Class #6

Well, this was our last class. I think Whitney and I learned a lot (even though my pictures may not show it). On the agenda was to create a floral topiary and we were let loose to do anything we wanted to. Whitney and I brought containers and peacock feathers. We both tried to use the peacock feathers but they didn't fit in with any of the flowers that Ken brought for us that night. Sigh. He said that peacock feathers were very expensive. We told him that we didn't have to pay for them. We took them from Lauren's stash in the basement. She used the peacock feathers for her evening gown in her senior fashion show.

When we started the topiary, I didn't think that I would like it. Whitney and I and our other table mate really liked how they turned out. Our table mate has a son who is getting married on September 10th. She was going over to their place to show them her topiary. We all thought they would make great table decorations. My thoughts are to add one more stem of the alstroemeria (Persian Lily) to the top of the topiary to give it a fuller look. I would take away most of the flowers on the bottom but I would leave the flowers on one stem of alstroemeria. I think it would look nice with moss on the bottom but I think the moss is expensive. I didn't bring my ribbon up as high as I should have. I would also see if a satin ribbon works better in this arrangement.

Our last arrangement of the night was designer's choice. Whitney had mentioned that she wanted to use one of my silver pitchers. My sister Karen loves to rummage sale. I think I've gotten about 4 pitchers from her. I took a little silver polish to the pitcher before we went to class. I chose an old Haeger pedestal container.

As with so many projects, I panic before I get started. So I had to take a minute and try to think of what we did in past classes. I decided that I wanted to have some cascading action going on. When Ken came by, he said "this will be interesting with the little amount of flowers that you have. You'll have to think about it". Man, he sounded like Tim Gunn on Project Runway! I was determined that it would work for me. When I was finished and Ken came over to give his critique, we both differed on what we thought should be the front of the piece. My back was his front and vice versa. In the end, I think he liked the arrangement. We had a no-show student tonight so there were extra flowers. He went and grabbed one more flower and stuck it in the arrangement to bridge the lower flowers with the taller flowers.

Whitney decided that she didn't want to use all of her flowers. I think she had the same yellow tulips that I did and she didn't like the colors together. She did really well the past six weeks. Her memory is certainly better than mine. She was able to answer Ken's questions. I wasn't!

A couple of days ago, I was in the grocery store and there was a cart with roses and carnations marked down. The flowers weren't really the right size for corsages but I decided to buy them anyway. For nine dollars, I got 10 roses and 6 carnations. That was a decent price to spend to get some practice taping. There were tornado sirens going off in the area. I kind of headed that and went outside to clip some shrub branches to use as my greens. I clipped some lavender but I didn't clip enough so I gave that to Whitney. Like I said, the flowers really are too large but they served the purpose.

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