Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paper Bodice #2

I think we are getting closer to the correct bodice. The neckline is more in tune with what Whitney had in mind. The size is closer also. When looking at the bodice, it appears to be still a little small but I don't think it is. The princess seam is not lining up with the black bolduc tape that is underneath. I think the tape moved slightly. In certain areas of the dress form, it is difficult to have my pins stay in the form and they come loose. I'm hoping that is the case. Whitney and I were both happy with how the bodice fit on her.

One thing that has to change is I need to move up the midriff band one inch. The dress form is about one inch to one and a half inches shorter than Whitney in the shoulder to waist measurement. I have the midriff band folded up to give it a smooth look. Another thing that I need to modify is lining up the seams. Because I'm blending patterns from different pattern companies, the seam lines are not matching up. I'll need to take care of that with the 1st muslin run. I'll also have to pay special attention to the princess seams on the skirt to make sure that they are in line with the seams on the bodice.

So I think I'm now ready to move to cutting out the muslin. I'm hoping that once we move to fabric, things will start to come in place. The Swedish tracing paper is a great way to start but it has it's limitations. There is no give anywhere with this.

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