Saturday, April 3, 2010

Floral Class, Week 2

This week in class we worked on a parallel garden arrangement. This is an arrangement that is really only meant to be seen from one side. You would typically see this type of arrangement on an alter or at a funeral home. Since it's only seen from one side, you would be wasting money putting flowers on both sides of the arrangement.

What the instructor does for each arrangement is to write the "recipe" of the arrangement on the board. We go to the back of the room and pick out the "ingredients". Now, all we know is that we need three tulips or two fuji's, etc. At this point, we don't know what the arrangement will look like. There is usually at least three colors of each flower. We take that we think will work together. I wanted to do a red and yellow arrangement. He then shows us how we need to make our arrangement. You can see that the same colors are on the same side of the arrangement. Sometimes that gives you a striking look but I don't think it worked for this arrangement. It wasn't an intentional thing, just how his recipe and my color choices worked out. You can see that Whitney's arrangement is different because of her color choices.

Our second arrangement of the evening was a candle centerpiece. Whitney picked out white mums and I picked yellow. The white mums were larger but fewer of them on the stems than the yellow. Whitney's arrangement looks more balanced. Mine is very crowded. My flowers were smaller but there were quite a few more on the stems. The German in me wasn't going to throw them away so I kept adding them into my arrangement. Obviously, Whitney scored higher on her project. My arrangement is very crowded.

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