Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Cowboy Love

Alright folks, I want you to pony up to the hitchin' post and meet the boys. Let me introduce you to Jeb, Pole Cat, Hal, Slim, Squirt and Tex.

Last year, I posted a picture of this quilt in it's unfinished stage. Finally, finally another cowboy quilt is finished. I love the colors on this quilt. I love the fabrics of the quilt. I hate that it won't be mine. Boo Hoo.

This quilt wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for my friend Pat and her Magic Bobbin Genie. I mentioned something a while ago regarding my frustration with free motion quilting on my new machine. Well, with another foot and Pat's washer that seemed to do the trick. No tension issues or broken upper thread on this quilt. Meandering was done on the border and on the main part of the quilt, I did loops to sort of mimic a lasso.

When I mentioned to Jeff that all my favorite quilts go to others, he said "Well just buy more fabric." Really? Really? Well, twist my arm, ok. Done deal.

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