Sunday, April 11, 2010

Floral Design Class #3

I'm sure that my three hundreds of followers are possibly tired of the rookie floral designs. This blog was mostly developed to post sewing projects. But now and then, I veer off course. Only three weeks left, then hopefully more sewing posts.

This week's topics were hand-tied bouquets and cascading bouquets. Our instructor said all he used to design was cascading bouquets then along came Martha and she changed the flower industry. He said that he only does about 10% cascades now, the rest are hand-tieds. Whitney was in Houston this week visiting Joshua and her future home so she wasn't at class so you only get to see my designs.

The hand-tied was a little harder than expected. I think part of the problem is that we are working with fewer flowers that what I would want. My hand-tied I thought was slightly off balance. I think the tree ferns should have been throughout the bouquet and not just on the outside.

Ok, warning, minor rant ahead. There is someone in class that either doesn't know how

to count or Princess just doesn't care that she takes more flowers than what we are suppose to. It seems that there are a couple of vultures in class. They swoop down onto the flower tables before the instructor even tells us to and takes all the best flowers. I'm usually left with all the flowers that don't match. Princess's cascade bouquet was twice the size of mine. Grrrr. Can you take what is allotted for you please?

The flowers really wouldn't be my choice. I would use the spray roses only if I had tea roses in addition. The spray roses get somewhat lost because of their size. The carnations are overpowering I think. And obviously, I would not put yellow flowers with beige roses and red carnations in the cascade bouquet. The important thing is is that I'm learning how to do the techniques. I'm not using them so I'm not going to worry about the color combinations. I'm still confident that Whitney and I will be able to achieve the look she wants for her wedding.


  1. How do you know Princess is not one of your followers? Or are you hoping she is? Maybe you should lay some poison ivy on the table. You make me laugh out loud :-)

  2. The mature me thought about that possibility for a brief moment. The immature me usually has a louder voice.