Saturday, April 24, 2010

Floral Design Class #5

Here we go again, another funeral arrangement. This week, it is a casket spray. We used a flower container that curves and has little rubber pads under it so it can sit on the curve of a casket. I hope no one is eating breakfast right now. If you are, I apologize. I decided to go for a monochromatic theme. That would have been a good idea for a bridal bouquet but not so much for a casket. I pulled different pinks off of the flower table. This combination of flowers wouldn't pack much of a punch I don't think on top of a casket.

The second half of class was fun. We worked on boutonnieres and corsages. The boutonnieres are so easy. They really only take a few minutes to put together. The corsages went together pretty easy also. We actually did one boutonniere and two corsages in less than an hour and that included the instruction and questions. I hope I can remember all the important details when it's time to put together Whitney's flowers.

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