Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Little Parisian Twirl Outfit

Here is a little twirl skirt that I think has a cute little story attached to it. While at quilt camp a couple of months ago, a fellow camper was cutting out this fabric to use for a quilt back. She was donating her quilt for an auction at her son's school. I commented to her on how pretty the fabric was. Well Gretchen immediately said "Do you want the rest". I told her that I couldn't take her fabric. She told me that she got it free off the Put-N-Take table at a prior retreat. Lucky Gal! Even though she didn't pay for the fabric, I could not take it.

So I came up with a bartering plan. I told Gretchen that I would make something for her daughter in exchange for the rest of the fabric. I happened to have brought my children's binder of projects. In my binder was the instructions for this twirl skirt. So a couple of hours later, Gretchen had a size three twirl skirt and I still had almost two yards of fabric left. That was now mine. I felt that this was now a fair trade. After two skirts, I still have 3/4 of a yard left.

So here is a duplicate of that skirt only in a size six. The skirt pattern is a freebie off the peanutbutter-n-jelly kids site. The applique is from Planet Applique. I love this design.

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