Monday, May 17, 2010

Tools in the Atelier

I wanted to show everyone some specials tools and supplies that I'm using for Whitney's bridal gown. Some of the supplies I purchased from my idol Susan Khalje.

Starting at the top left, I have white tracing paper and tracing wheel, bolduc tape, horsehair braid which will be used on the hem of the bridal gown, glass head pins, silk thread, tiny Japanese needles, lace scissors, petersham, spiral steel boning, bridal loop tape and finally hook and eye tape.

Doesn't the tracing wheel look deadly? Certainly, not a tool to leave out if you have small children around. Well, I guess for that matter, large children. The glass head pins allow you to press your fabric with the pins in place. The glass heads will not melt under the heat of the iron. The petersham will be used to make the waist stay for the gown. The little nubby point scissors were used for cutting the lace. These are great little scissors for anyone who does heirloom sewing. The silk thread will be used for all the hand basting because of how fine it is. The loop tapes may not be used. I purchased them before we had decided on the back closing. Finally, the spiral steel boning. The best way to describe this is that it looks like a miniature Slinky. This boning has the advantage of able to move side to side and forward and backward. I'm hoping that my sizes work. The lengths that I ordered range from 5 inches to 11.5 inches.

The last picture is the silk organza. The organza will be used as interlining/underlining for the gown. I purchased enough for the entire gown plus Kayla's flower girl dress. This will help give the bodice some shape, support, strength, help to hide the boning channels and provide a base for the lace.

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  1. Where are the rubber gloves? Looks like an operation is about to occur. You are making a lot of progress, hope all continues to move along smoothly.