Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Didn't I tell you

That I came from white trash? I'm presenting evidence that the white trash genes haven't missed me. How many people can say that they have a toilet in their sewing room? I'm thinking I'm the only one amongst people I know.

We've started the long awaited remodeling project. We have wanted to change out for floors for several years now. College tuition, appliance breakdowns and replacements seem to chew up the extra cash. We decided to finally bite the bullet and take care of some things. We actually started the process in February. But it's taken several months to finalize everything and get started. The first round of flooring starts in just a few days. The ceramic tile will be laid first, then the carpet for the stairs and upstairs hallway, then finally the hardwood.

I still have to get the "iron" specialist in here. We are hoping that he can rework the stairway. We want to change out the oak spindles and put in a hammered type iron.

The girls have been a huge help. They certainly are becoming remodeling experts. This is the second house that they have helped during the tear out process. Taylor and Whitney did the entire carpet removal. They cut the carpet, pulled up the old pad and removed all the nails and staples. Not a small feat!

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