Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hand Tied Peony Bouquet

With the peonies blooming, Whitney and I decided to get a little practice going to keep our floral skills up. There isn't much blooming in the yard right now, at least as far as bouquet flowers go. So I had peonies, hosta leaves and the blooms off of the spirea bushes.

The day before, Whitney asked if I wanted to go to the antique mall with her. What the heck for? She said that she wanted to look for something old for her wedding day. She has the something new, something borrowed and something blue but nothing old. She had a thought about putting a cameo on the bouquet. So that's what she wanted to find.We were all done cruising through the mall and I was ready to pay for my purchases. I can always find something! We spied a small cameo that was marked down to $5. Whitney had discussed using black ribbon on the bouquets. Her colors are Latte, pink and black. The little cameo isn't of great quality but it was cheap. We can keep looking but right now it works for what she wants it for.

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