Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wedding Inflation

Somehow, Jeff and I have lost two check books. He asked me to place an order for more checks. Something was odd though when I went to order. My check numbers weren't adding up. So off to hunt for the 50 checks. I started to rummage through my closet. I came across the same box of momento's that Jeff found my "I love Robin" picture. I decided to take a moment and see what was in there.

I come from a long line of hoarders. Did it have to do with the depression or their German heritage? My grandfather might have been the worst. He was a plumber by trade. With fabric hoarding, you can make very neat piles and stack it and your fabric stash becomes a work of art all on its own. My grandfather's stash was plumbing fixtures. Yep, they all sat in a great big pile in his front yard. Toilets, sinks, etc and grass grew all around his pile. Yep, southern white trash is where I came from.

But, here is an example of the value of saving things. I knew that my mom had saved the receipt for my wedding reception. I didn't know that she had saved all the receipts. She even had her budget in the box. The really cool thing was is that she had the receipt for the flowers for her wedding which was in 1955 (I think.) Her bill came to $42.00. The boutonnieres were 40 cents a piece. The bridal bouquet was $10.00. Alter bouquets were $2.00 each. How neat it was to find a receipt from her wedding.

The cost of my reception was just over $1500.00. This included the alcohol. Our reception was held at the German American Club in Omaha. The buffet dinner was $3.25 per person.

My other receipt is that for my bridal gown. I ordered it at a store in Omaha called Brandeis. My gown was kind of middle to low end price-wise. The dress company was Mori Lee. The price of the gown in 1979 was $185.00

I'm thinking that you could take the prices of my items from 30 years ago and just add another zero to the cost. I thing that get's us fairly close to average prices for today's weddings.

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  1. How interesting to have all those receipts! And who would have thunk you came from white WAY! You've come along way baby! (as they used to say in the cigarette commercials)