Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Bridal Gown Week

I decided that I needed a dedicated week to working on the gown. Not an evening or a couple hours on the weekend. The gown was put on hold for about three to four weeks while the tear- out was underway. I took the satin and wrapped it and tucked it behind the clothes in my closet. I couldn't risk the silk getting snagged or dirty with the remodel.

Day one of vacation, sewing did not happen. We didn't start moving furniture back inside until the night before. Yesterday was spent trying to unbox our belongings and putting them away.

Day two. I am back to basting the silk organza to the bridal satin. I think I mentioned that this has to be hand basted. The fabrics love to move around. There is little chance that they would stay together if I machine basted the fabrics. The silk organza is basted to the wrong side of the silk satin. It's purpose is to give the satin some body and help strengthen the sating. After the two fabrics are basted, they are treated as one fabric. When a pattern piece has been basted, I pin the pattern to the basted pieces to keep everything together. You can see my markings on the pattern for my changes and to indicate the pattern is the final pattern, not an earlier prototype.

Some things of importance is that you need to use fine glass head pins. Satin doesn't take too kindly to pins and little hole marks will be left in the fabric. I am using fine pins and silk thread to keep the size of the holes to a minimum. The basting is done in the seam allowance. All pinning needs to be done in the seam allowance.

After the satin has been cut, I am clipping it in a pants hanger. I am trying to keep wrinkles to a minimum. The reason being that I want to keep pressing to a minimum. I don't want to run the risk any problems with the iron with this expensive fabric. Wrinkles are also hard to get out of satin so I want to do my best by not creating any more wrinkles.

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