Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Need Someone To Blame

 Who is responsible for forcing me to buy all this stuff? My friend Yvonne went shopping with me two days in a row. I guess she's it. Day One was my fault. Day Two is Yvonne's. Yvonne had asked if I was interested in driving to Madison for the Library book sale and to check up on our college kids. I told her I would but I brought up a fabric/Viking shop that was closing it's doors two hours away. So on Friday we drove two hours north. I came home with two feet for my machine, two patterns, a little bit of cotton lace and some fabric.

Day Two. You didn't think we'd just stop at a book sale did you? Saturday, we went two hours to the west of us. That lead us to two quilt shops. I mistakenly believed I wouldn't be buying anything because I didn't need anything. Hah! I came. I spent. All fabric.
The greens and oranges are perfect for fall appliques.
You can never have enough polka dots. They go with everything.
I love this cow fabric. You can't live in America's Dairyland and not love cow fabric.

I needed this fabric like I needed a hole in the head. I have no need to make a baby quilt. On Day One, I see this  charm pack. It's called Little Rascals from Moda. I haven't heard of that particular line. Oh well, it was 25% off. I came home and looked it up and thought it must be an older line because so few online shops had carried it. When we stopped into JJ Stitches in Sun Prairie, there it was, about 15 bolts of fabric in this line. My $7.00 charm pack ended up costing me about $50.00. I guess it saved me from ordering online.


  1. I hope you stocked up on that cow fabric. I'm sure I'm not the only daughter that would love to steal some :)

  2. Who would have thought the cow fabric would be the one to steal. What would you make with cow fabric?

  3. love all the new fabric (I'm addicted and need an intervention myself)

  4. It's hard to go into any fabric store and not fall in love with something. I have a difficult time because I look for quilting fabric, garment fabric and fabric for machine applique. I think life would be simpler if I didn't do it all but certainly not as much fun.