Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stop Two, Sposabella Lace

For family and friends who really know me, they know that I love lace. This is when I wish I were a Victorian and was able to wear all of the gorgeous cotton laces. But since I'm not a Victorian, I need to find another way to get my lace fix. So bridal gowns, garters, christening gowns are when I get to play. Too bad in my neck of the woods, nice lace is impossible to find. Exquisite lace is not something most people see now a days. This is another product that was sent out of France, the USA, Italy and Switzerland to China. I knew that I needed to make a stop at Sposabella Lace and Lace Star while I had the chance to see what they had.
I don't have any weddings or christenings coming up but I needed to stop just the same. I came out of Sposabella with this piece of cotton lace. Very pricey but it came home with me. I bought two yards of it. I think I paid $25.00 a yard for it.

Sposabella has mixed reviews. Either five stars or a one star. The store is extremely small. The owner of the store had helped me. I can't say he was overly friendly as the rest of the textile stores but I certainly didn't go there for tea and cookies. I would shop there again. 

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