Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stop Six, Around the World

 Can you believe there is a store that sells just fashion magazines? The reason this was on my list was so I could pick up the latest edition of Burda Style. I had purchased that at stop one, so I didn't really need anything. Wanted yes. Some of the specialty magazines had a price tag of over $200 for one issue! But as the name implies, they have magazines from around the world. I never knew there were so many Vogue editions. Around the World is a huge store. This is actually a new location for them. They've were only open maybe a couple of months before we visited.

There was a couple of magazines that I did have my eye on. There were some old, and I do mean old, Italian childrens wear magazines. The price tag was $20 for a magazine that was at least seven to eight years old! I'm not in the industry so I was hesitant to plunk down that kind of money for a magazine. The issue was thick and had cute things in it. Another trip perhaps.

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