Sunday, October 16, 2011

Plump Pumpkin

I wanted to make my niece a fall shirt. I had seen so many cute applique pumpkin designs. It was hard to pick one. It's just like picking the real thing! Anyway, I decided on this plump pumpkin design from Applique Market. Nice and simple and a fairly quick stitch out. The great thing about this design is that she can wear it for both Halloween season and Thanksgiving season. 


  1. I have lost count of the number of pumpkins I have at this point - it does make it hard to just pick one. Jokingly I have said that I have so many fun Christmas designs that my daughter will have a new shirt for each day of advent!

  2. Christmas designs are a big challenge for sure. I just purchased two more designs tonight. I hemmed and hawed if I really needed them. I think we all would make an outfit a day if the shirts were a tad cheaper. Shannon, enjoy stitching all those shirts up while your daughter is little. Mine were grown when I purchased my machine. There's no way I can get them to wear a pumpkin right now :)