Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Cute Couple

Finally pictures of Conor and Taylor. Is it no wonder why they were voted "Cutest Couple" for the yearbook. Awww, they do look cute. Pictures were taken at a park near the house. The kids then came back to the house for dinner. We served 5 couples for dinner. In addition to the prom attendees, we also had the parents and siblings. The adults got the leftovers. We were going to wait until the kids left before we broke out the alcohol but once the men went out to grill they thought it would be a good idea to open the Italian beer. So beer, wine and food was passed around in the kitchen all night. We did break out the blender when the kids left and Tyler's mom and sister made grasshopers for all of us. Jeff and I had a great time. I hope the kids and parents did also.


  1. Yes, I'd have to say I would have voted them cutest couple too! Good job on the blogging Ellen, next comes Facebook!!! Pat B

  2. Oh, and the dress was beautiful too, of course.