Friday, May 29, 2009

Italian Driving

Watching people drive has been interesting. If you think it's crazy to drive and talk on you cell phone in America, you should see people doing it here. We noticed that many cars have dents in the side. Surely from coming too close to another car. People on motorcycles and scooters have no problems driving between cars. Speaking of scooters, it is amazing what can be carried on one. The Italians use them like a minivan. I saw someone carrying a 6 foot copper pipe and a lady carrying a 6 foot bamboo shade while riding the bike. Kim and I saw someone carrying three propane tanks on his scooter. BOOM! It is not unusual to see a family on the scooter. Child in front of dad and mom in back of Dad on the bike. There are scooters everywhere, especially in Sorrento. We had talked to our driver about the scooters. He said that cars have to stop and go. Scooters just go! Boy was he right.

Another thing that I noticed about Italian motorcyclists, everyone wears a helmet. Is it a law or are the people in Italy just value their grey matter a little more. The little girls have the cutest little helmets. They are pink or have flowers painted on them. I saw a father with two little girls on his bike and they both had matching pink floral helmets. cute, cute, cute.

In Italy, there are stop signs and stop lights. We still haven't figured out who they are for though. No one seems to stop at these.

Parking is a trip. If you can squeeze into a space, it's yours.

Notice the dents on the car on the right.

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