Monday, May 4, 2009

Prom Dessert

I wanted to show everyone the dessert the kids had for prom dinner. A big thank you to Terry Rathsack who made the dessert. Terry is the executive chef for a company in town. The company owns what is called (I think) The Farm. This is where the visitors to the company stay instead of a hotel. I believe that there are company functions held there also. So needless to say, when I heard a chef was coming to the house I was very nervous. I can cook for family but God forbid what a chef would say about the menu and how I did. The Rathsack's contribution was Tiramisu. Luckily, there were maybe 5 pieces left for the adults to share. It was excellent. I wish I had had more time, in a less hectic setting to discuss baking with him. We did talk about getting Creme Anglaise to not curdle. Double boiler!

All the parents and siblings did a wonderful job of prepping, cooking and serving the food. I wish you all could have seen how wonderful the presentation was. The punch goblets had strawberries on the rim as a garnish. I've never had a staff of 10 under me! I need this crew for Thanksgiving.

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