Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Outfits for Melanie's Little Peanuts

Lauren's friend Melanie is visiting her this weekend in NYC. I've been wanting to make something for the kids but haven't gotten to it. So her visit to Lauren inspired me to get busy. Jordan's name was suppose to go on his t-shirt under the playground kid but my mother called me at 7am while I was stitching this out and I wasn't able to think about my project and talk to her at the same time. I shut my machine off before his name was due to be stitched. There was no way I could go back and fix since I had taken the t-shirt out of the hoop before I realized my mistake. I came up with a solution. I put his name on his shorts.

I had seen some cupcake fabric at Hancock Fabrics and thought it was so cute. It just so happened that Embroidery Library was having a sale and I bought three cupcake designs (amongst other designs). So I truck over to Hancock's to buy the fabric. I wanted to make a little pair of capri's for Mikayla. After looking at the cupcake fabric a little closer, I decided that it just wasn't right for the capri's. The cupcakes were too large and the fabric had glitter in it. I looked around and found this sweet little seersucker fabric with embroidered watermelon slices. Wouldn't you know, I didn't have any watermelon designs. So back to Emblibrary.com I go. Luckily, this week's sale had coupons that I could use for whatever designs I wanted. I found the watermelon design and away we went. Hopefully, everything will fit the kids. Lauren and I had just guessed what sizes we thought the kids would be.

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