Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sweat Shop is Back in Business

The sweat shop has re-opened. It had been shut down for the weekend due to child regulators banning sewing equipment being in the same room as prom dinner guests. What I really need to do is to add my other two machines to the table. I usually have two machines at the table. I'm thinking that three would be better. Each machine having a special job. The baby items that I make call for different stitches and methods hence the different machines. The burps go back and forth between embroidery, serging, decorative stitches and regular sewing. My husband (the whole family for that matter) does not like how the sewing area keeps taking over the house. I've run out of room in my sewing/laundry room. I've run out of room in the guest bedroom. So now, I move into the dining room to sew because of the table space. My goal is to get several projects finished this summer. The task being more fabric out than fabric in. Can I do it?

Here's a look at what I've been working on. I've got a onsie that has "Diaper Diva" embroidered on it. I started making a little 6 inch tag toy. I embroidered the baby's initial and I now need to sew it into a little tag blanket. I still have several burp cloths to embroider and put together. At the machine, I'm embroidering a Weight Watchers Pocket Holder for one of our WW at Work leaders. She requested a pink and green holder. I still need to make a holder for Whitney and a couple more for work. The baby items will be shipped to NYC to my daughter. She has several friends who are expecting this year. Burps are a lot of work, but I love looking at them when they are finished and hope the parents enjoy them as much as I do. What you don't see is all the quilts in different stages of completion.

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