Friday, May 29, 2009

Italian Fashion

One thing that I noticed about Italian accessories is that Italian women do not wear engagement rings. I have yet to see someone with an engagement ring on. However, the interesting part, is that in Venice and the Isle of Capri there are so many high end jewelry shops. There are engagement rings galore and other beautiful necklaces, earrings etc. We had stopped by a small shop. Kim had noticed a HUGE engagement ring. The shop owner was kind enough to tell us that the ring was a yellow diamond and was 13 carats. Yikes! Who is buying the jewelry if not Italians? That ring is the ring on the lower right. The other solitaire is a yellow sapphire.

There were certain regions of Italy where you could get custom made shoes and sandals. Sorrento and the Isle of Capri had several sandal shops. Many of the sandals have wonderful beads all over. You can get custom made shoes in Rome. However, the prices were above my budget.

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