Thursday, May 14, 2009

Packing Challenge

My friend Kim and I have less than 48 hours until we leave for Italy. I was determined to only do carry-on bags for the 16 day trip. I spent considerable time searching for the perfect backpack. I ended up with the Jansport Euro Sak with 3250 cu inches of packing space. The backpack should be large enough. It's just maybe not the most ergonomically correct bag. I feel like I might qualify as a mini Wal-Mart or small city. I have a small library, drugstore, mini Sephora, laundromat, office supply store and clothing store. I am prepared for the "hole in the floor" toilets (God forbid). I'm bringing several books to read to keep me occupied during our layovers. For our last vacation to Arizona, I brought 3 books and finished them before the week was out. I think I'll be able to finish 4 books in the two weeks time just in the airport and reading at bedtime. What you don't see is my pages of research. I've spent lot's of time searching for places to shop. No matter where I travel, I always seem to find a Sephora store. Lucky for me there is a Sephora within a 5 minute walk from our hotel in Rome. I'm hoping to score an Italian perfume that isn't sold here in the states. I still need to get a few things into the backpack.

The other item that I spent way to much time researching was for a day bag. For saftey reasons, you are advised not to use a backpack or a fanny pack. I thought that a messenger bag would be my best option for everything that I would be carrying throughout the day, ie umbrella, jacket, water bottle, maps, camera. I finally decided on a PacSafe bag. The pickpockets and Gypsies will have their work cut out for them if they are looking to steal my stuff. In fact, I'll have a time trying to get stuff out of my bag! The bag isn't a very attractive color but when I decided that I needed to order something quick, I scored this bag on clearance. I was going to order a black bag and knew the price was $100.00. This color of brown must be discontinued because I bought it for $30.00. I'll put the $70.00 savings to good use while sandal shopping in Sorrento,

I think that I succeeded in the challenge. I am pretty tight with my little liquid ziplock bag but I should be fine.

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